My siblings died of hunger. I don't want the same outcome.
We are not a burden. Give us a chance.
Help save us!
We didn't choose
this life!
I'm hungry!
I'm cold!
I'm homeless!
I need your help!
This life is not easy.
Every donation helps!

Welcome to Cat Family Foundation

We need to help one another. There are SO many cat mommies out there that is not registered NPO’s. We were in this boat and that is why we are trying to assist dedicated colonies with food, TNR (Trap, neuter & return) and emergency vet care.
We also try and assist new found cat colonies within a 20km radius of central Randburg.

This includes taming and homing all feral and abandoned kittens. 

We Love Cats and What We Do!


Although we try and do as much fundraising as we can by selling and assisting our local community, there's just never enough funds to assist all the babies.


When we set up and/or sterilise a colony, there are always kittens that we can provide a better life for. These are taken into foster care, nurtured and given lots of love and then placed up for adoption.

I found a colony. Help!

It is very daunting but we have created a little 'help kit' for you

Want to be a feeder?

There are constantly new colonies being found. While we can assist setting them up, we do need feeders to look after them.

Needing help?

This website is dedicated to all cat lovers. If you need some advise or inspiration or am curious about any medical conditions, you are at the right place!

Cat Family Colonies

Come meet the gang! We are constantly adding new feral colonies under our umbrella.