We're all mad here!

Cat Family Foundation (CatFam) is a registered Non-Profit Organisation that aims to assist our CatFams in the Greater Johannesburg area. We assist the colonies under our current umbrella with trapping, sterilisations, homing and vet assistance.

There are so many feral carers and moms in Johannesburg alone, that it’s impossible to network with everyone. We also get so inundated with Facebook requests, messages and the like, that the aim of this site is to be a one stop place to send any and everyone to who needs advice, assistance or a shoulder to cry on. If you have anything that you think will make this site even better, give us a shout and we will gladly research and add it.

This site is dedicated to ALL CAT LOVERS!

You will find useful information about kittens, feral cats, organisations that can help trap, vets that assist at reduced rates, animal trackers and behaviourists as well as other foster carers in other areas in SA. We would like to grow and expand this section as much as possible.

There is also a cool shop where we have met some amazing people who is helping us create wonderful items from recycled materials. They all get a healthy % of the proceeds to support themselves and their families. Go check it out here!

Looking to adopt a kitten? We can help! There is also a dedicated Adoptions page for our kittens and cats as well as an online adoption form should you wish to be pre-approved.

For the fun loving enthusiasts we added a page with some quirky pics that you can download.

We have big things planned – so please keep visiting!

Meet our moms

Ingrid Deacon

This lady is fierce, a champion fund raiser and stalwart when it comes to animal welfare.

No trapping is too big or too small for her and when she sets her mind to doing something, you can bet your life that it will get done.

Like the rest of the crazy cat fam, Ingrid also has an entire flock of foster failures.


Alise Antrobus

Alise is the founder of Rhema Ferals and Cat Family Foundation. She has been a crazy cat lady her entire life but only realised it about 15 years ago. Alise has adopted, homed, sterilised, bathed, taken out stitches, medicated and cried over so many kitties but doesn’t know any better or other way to spend her life. It’s in her blood.

Passionate about all cats, she has 10 of her own (foster failures, found feral kittens and adopted) and 2 yorkies.

How do they all get along? ‘They just have to. They have no other choice!’


Ashley Rudings

Like most of us, we start of well, 1 or two cats. 

But then of course, you get ‘cat bite’. Ash, together with her young son Gabriel, foster most of our kittens. 

And when they need to leave, we all have a good cry together.