Our Little Black Book

It’s so important to us to support the suppliers around us that help us look after and care for the cats!

Cat Traps​

These ARE THE BEST traps money can buy!

They are made by Reghardt Kemp who resides in Alberton and costs between R800 – R900.
The more expensive option has a drop door at the back that makes it easier to transfer the cat.
Contact Reghardt on 082 464 5769

Feral Cat Shelter signs

Tarryn Sanders from Nib & Bristle will assist you with a discounted rate to have these divine and useful sign posts made for your colony. The are printed on correx board in 4mm thickness.

Royal Canin

Without the love and support of this top international brand, us as foster carers would really battle.  Thank you for always assisting in the hardest of times!